any allergies?

21 Apr

why yes.  i’m allergic to artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol, aspartame, and splenda.

i discovered my allergy to splenda back in college when splenda was the new cool thing.  people would put it in their baked products and lots of new exciting products came out that said “sugar-free!”  i would go to a potluck and innocently ingest something that was laden with splenda.  i would go home and break out in a rash and my tongue would swell up.  then i’d take benadryll and fall asleep wondering wtf i ate or was exposed to, etc.  i’m not sure how i finally discovered that splenda was the culprit, but now whenever i go to a potluck, before i eat anything i have to ask “is there splenda in this?”

i’m also allergic to sorbitol.  i can’t chew certain gums or eat certain food products, which is totally not a big deal and i have a habit of checking ingredient lists on things before i buy them.  but now this is getting to be a real problem because they’ve started adding sorbitol to all sorts of crazy things non-food things, like lotion and sunscreen and toothpaste and hairgel.

for example.  when jason and i were on our honeymoon, i had the world’s worst rash!  i went through like a whole tube of cortisol in a few days.  i thought maybe it was the bedsheets or the soap we were using at the hotel or the sun, etc but it cleared up when we came back.  it NEVER occurred to me that it was my HYPO-ALLERGENIC sunscreen which i only bought because it was hypo-allergenic!!  and then one day i was cleaning up the bathroom or something and i looked at the list of ingredients and there it was, just mocking me!!  sorbitol!!!  no wonder i rashed like crazy, especially since i was applying and reapplying for a few days!!

anyways.  no splenda.  no sorbitol. 🙂


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