Being in the Classroom is Tiring!

23 Apr

This is Jason posting.

I just went to my second day of my student teaching thing.  I realized after I got home that being in the classroom is really tiring!  It’s not like I’m doing a lot of physical activity.  Standing up most of the day wasn’t too bad.  I feel mentally tired.  And this is just from observing the kids and being aware of what is going on in the classroom the whole time.  Gosh, I never realized how tiring it was to simply pay attention all the time.  I try to be aware of what the kids are doing versus what they are suppose to be doing.  I try to practice my “withit” skill.  The “withit” skill is like…being able to see in the back of your head.  I try to nip things in the bud before they bloom.  I look for things like kids sneaking texts on their cell phones, kids talking, kids fooling around with a meter stick, etc.!  Lots of stuff!  I hope that in time I will spend less active mental awareness on this.  I don’t want to be lax with horse play or kids not paying attention.  Still, I guess this is just something I need to get used to.  Paying attention to kids throughout the classes…wow.  That is hard work too… mentally!


One Response to “Being in the Classroom is Tiring!”

  1. Stella April 24, 2010 at 9:06 am #

    🙂 Yup! It’s pretty exhausting. I bet (and this is just a guess) that it doesn’t ever get less tiring, but since you get better and better at being “with it,” it seems that way. But you know, the better you get at seeing out of the back of your head, the more energy you can devote to coming up with brilliant lesson plans and analogies for your kids. Teaching totally seems like one of those jobs where you absolutely get out what you put in.

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