Carl’s Jr!

23 Apr

This is Jason posting.

Today we had dinner at Carl’s Jr!  We haven’t eaten there in a really long time.  Basically we looked through our coupons and decided on the Carl’s Jr one.  The burgers on there looked really yummy!  HM!!!  The hunger probably added more appeal too.  I clipped out 4 coupons to use.  We didn’t know if I could use them all at the same time.  I didn’t care, I’d walk in and out of Carl’s Jr 3 times to use all the coupons. Muahah!  Lucky I didn’t have to do that cause the lady at the cash register took all 4 coupons at once.  We got a Western bacon cheeseburger, a swiss bacon crispy chicken burger, chili cheese fries and criss-cut fries!  Yum!  The burgers were definitely yummy.  The criss-cut fries were nice and crispy.  The chili fries?  Well, the chili wasn’t super yummy but it did the job.  The fries were good.  The chili had a small kick that we didn’t expect though.  Overall we were pretty satisfied with the meal.  Especially since I had a coupon for each item we had!  Heh!


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