Rainbow Factory!

24 Apr

This is Jason posting.

Today we stopped by the Rainbow factory on the way to Torrance. They are located in San Clemente off the Avenida PIco exit off the 5.  We’ve talked about going there for many years but never really got the chance to because we thought it only opened during the weekday.  We recently found out that it also opened on Saturdays!  So we went today!  It’s kind of a random place and the parking really blows.  If you want to go there I suggest to park in the nearby plaza.  It’s a good sized store filled with lots of sandals.  The right side is for the women while the men sandals were on the left.  They sell single layer and double layer.  They also have children size sandals and other items made by the rainbow brand.  It’s pretty neat!  Oh yes, the price is certainly worth coming here!  The single layer sandals went for $33 while the double layer was $36.  Wifey and I bought double layered sandals.  We felt that they provided more support in the heel and arch.  I liked the heel support because I walk heavily on my heels.  I can’t wait to break them in!  They will be my first pair of rainbow sandals.  They should last a really long time!  =D Anyway..cheap!  I don’t think we’ll ever buy rainbows at a regular store anymore.  Thank goodness for factory outlet sales! Heh!


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