i need…

26 Apr

a new ds game to play. any recommendations?

my last purchase was mario kart for the ds because i loved mario kart for wii. i played it for months, took a break, and just recently unlocked all the races/karts/characters/etc and have gotten star or better on all the races. this is a tremendous feat for me because i suck at video games.

now my problem is, how do i go about choosing a new game to buy? how do i tell if something is good or not? i need games with lots of replay value, and not things like animal crossing which drove me insane after a few weeks.

and jason is not helpful. 😦 why marry a guy if he can’t tell you what video games are fun??

this is how i used to buy ds games.

stella: “shirlee have you played this game? no? it’s so fun! play it! then you can buy it and we can play together!”

and i would play it. and like it. and then i would buy it. alas, i don’t live with stella anymore. and i don’t think she has time for ds games because she has something much more entertaining.

this is how our last conversation went.

stella: “shirlee, want to hold my baby? isn’t he cute? don’t you want to have a baby? you should have one and then they can play together!”



2 Responses to “i need…”

  1. Stella April 26, 2010 at 10:20 pm #

    Did you ever play “Zelda: Phantom Hourglass”?? OMG. I think I played through it 3 times. I still haven’t finished “Zelda: Spirit Tracks.” Not as fun. Then again, I was in my third trimester when it came out, so that makes sense. I really love the Professor Layton series, but the replay value is a bit lower…

    Anyway, I really like to go to Gamespot.com and look at the editor reviews. I ask myself if the pros and cons of the reviewer match what I like/dislike in a game, and then I go for it. Or… I did, anyway. Enoch says “No DS Mama. I more fun. Try to make me smile!” I, like a lovesick idiot, always comply.

  2. Jason Mar April 27, 2010 at 7:21 am #

    In my defense, I don’t buy ds games at all. =D

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