from scratch.

28 Apr

the more i learn about cooking/baking/etc, the more i have started to advocate making things from scratch instead of making stuff from a box/jar/etc. it’s so easy and tastes so good.

i haven’t used jarred pasta sauce in… forever. making that from scratch. although, i use cans of whole peeled tomatoes, is that cheating?? kraft mac&cheese? no way!! make the good stuff!! (boil pasta, whip roux, melt cheese, mix together!) pesto? easy peasy. meatballs? so fun. pizza dough. dumplings… yum!

now, i might be a cooking nazi when it comes to some things but there are some notable exceptions to making things from scratch. some stuff is just too much hassle and not enough yield. for example, i would never make au jus from scratch again, because lawry’s seasoning packs are simple and good. it’s cheaper and yummier than making from scratch, so why would i put myself through that? oh, and biscuits. ain’t nothing wrong with bisquick or the pillsbury dough boy. lemonade/oj. hashbrowns. chicken broth.

modern convenience is wonderful, sometimes. 🙂

in other news, lando is learning to wag his tail! today when he saw janet his tail WAGGED LIKE CRAZY. it was so cute. 🙂


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