First two classes!

29 Apr

This is Jason posting.

Today I taught my very first class!  Well, I taught twice actually!  I did a lesson on Bradford assays for my cooperating teacher’s 3rd and 4th period Bio-tech classes.  Each class was a mix of juniors and seniors.  Period 3rd had 7 people while period 4 had 22 people.  Urm… the class went alright?  I don’t think I did a great job but I also didn’t think I did a terrible job.  Though after 3rd period I felt like I did a terrible job.  I had the kids do a lab so they can perform a bradford assay and use a spectrophotometer.  I had 3 objectives that I wanted to accomplish and I only got to do 2.  The objectives I had were SWBAT (Students Will Be Able To) perform a Bradford Assay, operate a spectrophotometer, create a graph in Microsoft Excel and add a trendline.  I thought the lab wouldn’t take very long… turned out I was wrong.  I thought the kids would know how to draw a graph using the data they got from the assay, I was wrong.  I thought the kids knew the word, “corresponding” but I was wrong.  Basically I did not simplify the procedure directions enough.  I probably should have had the kids label their own test tubes so they know what tubes they have.  I also should have reduced the number of test tubes on their racks.  Period 3 wasn’t very hard to deal with because they are well behaved and generally got the hang of things.  Period 4 was the class that was a little harder to handle.  But I spoke confidently!  I learned from period 3 that I had to model the lab procedures and I had to model the graph.  I drew a demo graph on the whiteboard during lunch.  I walked the class through the steps for period 4.  I got the feeling that the students weren’t as lost in period 4.  Each group in both classes were able to get all the data that they were suppose to.

I think for the next time… I need to rehearse more the questions that I should ask the students to have them reflect on the material.  I tried to bring up some of the terms and vocab that they learned the last few days.  I tried(?) to tie them into the lab. Period 3 responded more to this than period 4.  I hope I didn’t confuse the students very much.  I hope they all learned something?!  I also think both periods need a lesson on what a micropipet is and how to use one.  But that’s another topic.  I kept in mind what my next step was and tried to make sure people went there.  My co-opt teacher helped me realize that while groups were waiting for the spectrophotometer to be free to use, they needed something to do so they don’t get bored with waiting and do crazy things.  I was able to assign tasks or had groups move on to other steps while they waited.  I kept on getting side tracked by a few groups that needed lots of help.  It was definitely good that my co-opt teacher was there to help out.  Period 4 only had 20 something kids.  What if I had to teach a class of 40 kids?  Goodness!  I feel like I have a lot to learn.  I know I do have a lot to learn.  I have a lot of teacher skills that I need to practice and hone to mastery.  It’s a long road to go down but I’m excited still!  My eyes are more open to the reality of these kids.  Yeah… here I go!  God guide my steps!


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