DeVry Guy

30 Apr

This is Jason posting.

The last two days I’ve been at the school there’s been a guy from DeVry that gave a presentation.  He had PDAs for the kids and a neat interactive presentation on the screen.  It’s pretty cool.  It has funky music and the kids all seem to pay attention to it as it concerned jobs and college information.  Interesting stats he posted that I wanted to share.  Apparently people with only a high school diploma will make about $1 million over their lifetime.  An associates degree makes $1.29 million.  A bachelor’s degree gets you $1.61 million.  A masters will double what you can make with a highschool diploma.  Interesting huh?  Like the wifey says, it all depends on the job.  I wonder where they get their numbers cause there are certain people out there that don’t have a bachelors and make tons of money!  I say it’s more about will power than anything. =D


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