Trouble kids

1 May

This is Jason posting.

Day 3 of student teaching!  I think I’ve mapped out each of the classes pretty well.  I know who can do their work without too much supervision and who needs the most supervision.  I can recognize the kids who quickly understand the material.  I am also recognizing those students who are English learners.  Of course, I have also come to recognize some of the more troublesome kids.  The troublesome kids are divided into a few categories.  There are the ones who aren’t motivated to learn due to something, so they just don’t pay attention.  They require constant reminders to stay on task.  There are those kids who just make lots of noise but understand the material.  They just like to goof off.  Then there are the kids who goof off and who aren’t motivated to learn.  Last but not least, there are the kids who are like, “back off!”  They feel a bit like a time bomb ready to explode if you confront them.  It is a bit intimidating to recognize them like that.  I’m not sure how I feel about it because I do want to confront them and have them get back on task.  Then again, since I am just the intern and not the teacher, I feel like I don’t have the authority to make them listen to me.  This is even more complicated because the CT kind of just ignores them.  Maybe it’s because they know how the issue will resolve (off to the office! Most likely) and don’t want to get into it.  They probably don’t want to make a scene.  Ignoring them can create a weird peace that lets other kids do the work and not create unwanted stress.  Yet… I feel unease about that sort of compromise.  It doesn’t sit easily for me.  I know I need to pick my battles…but I think a part of me wants to fight for that kid.  I want to challenge them to learn, to grow beyond what they think they are.  I definitely do have a problem with picking my battles.  <sigh> I guess this is just something I will have to learn to deal with in my own classroom.  I know I do NOT want the kids to set the rules for the class.  I have to set my own rules for the class and enforce it so the students follow it.  It’s a crazy interesting place, the classroom.


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