2 May

This is Jason posting.

Today we drove down to Las Americas to do some shopping at the outlets.  The wifey and I was having a lovely conversation like we always do in the car.  We stayed in the right lanes of the 15 to get to the 163.  There was a red SUV and a black hatchback car in front of us to the right.  I was driving average speed in the 2nd lane from the left.  All of a sudden the red SUV swerves to the left right in front of me!  I noticed that the black hatchback swerved at the same time.  I was like, “huh, again?”  The wifey goes, “OMG!”  I brake a bit and started to turn to the right to avoid the two cars.  The black hatchback was out of control and hits the rear right wheel portion of the red SUV.  I drove past them as the red SUV turns 180 degrees to face traffic.  The momentum of the red and black cars take them all the way to the center divide.  We drove past.  My heart was speeding as I kept the car going.  I was like, “OMG! What the crazy?!”  I believe the black hatchback blew his front left wheel and swerved to the left.  The red SUV tried to avoid the black car but couldn’t.  Luckily I was keeping a good distance between me and the red SUV.  Oh man, this could have been worse.  Thankfully there weren’t any other cars around the 3 of us.  Yeah, it was crazy.  Totally crazy today.

I was thinking, “huh, again?” because we witnessed a similar accident on the 5 between Oceanside and the power plant while driving back home.  Did I post about that already?  If I didn’t it, it involved 3 cars.  The black civic-ish car was the instigator.  A white (?) SUV tried to avoid being hit.  A red old truck tried to avoid the car but went off the road and into the ditch on the right hand side.  It was definitely crazy.  So like the wifey said later today, we will be keeping our distance when we notice a red and black car close by.  Drive safely people! Keep them tires up to date!


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