hot tub time machine!!

3 May

just kidding.

on saturday jason and i went to phuong trang for dinner with alan and anna.  i haven’t eaten in a pho restaurant in a long long time, because the smell permeates EVERYTHING and i have to immediately go home and shower.  phuong trang was no exception; we could smell the pho from the parking lot and when we came out, we all smelled like pho– clothes, purse, etc etc.  i think my phone even smells like pho.  why is it that pho is so smelly??  not that it smells bad but seriously.

anyways when jason and i got home we changed into our swimsuits and sat in the community hot tub and then went back to our place to shower.  then we smelled like chlorine.  hahaha.  except jason thinks chlorine smells funny.  but i like it because it smells clean!! 🙂


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