Hayashi Rice!

5 May

This is Jason posting.

Apparently there is a traditional potluck for the end of the metacognition class I am taking as part of the internship for SDUSD.  I decided to make hayashi sauce over rice because that’s one of the things I can make.  Yes, with a package.  I bought some stew meat from Vons.  We had onions and carrots.  I chopped and chopped.  I browned up the meat, carrots and onions.  Then I added the water to boil it and simmer at medium heat for 20 minutes according to the package.  Yes, I am a follower of cooking instructions.  Did I mention I salted the meat, carrots and onions?  I don’t believe I browned the meat enough because there was some scum boil over when I was simmering the pot.  Too bad!  More flavor?  I added the hayashi sauce and it turned a nice dark brown color.  I did a taste test and added some salt and pepper.  I was very careful about the salt level.  It tasted good to me!  I decided to simmer the hayashi over low for about a hour because the meat was kinda chewy.  Now it’s delicious!  I hope the rest of my class mates also think so.  I have convinced the wifey to try some and I hope she approves!  We’ll see…


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