2nd lesson!

6 May

This is Jason posting.

I taught my second lesson on may 6th for the health careers class!  We went over the brain and I did the lesson on brain structures and functions.  I made a powerpoint that presented some information on the name, location and functions of the brain structure.  I also made a worksheet with problems for the students to do after the powerpoint.  I put in a lot more thought about the anticipatory set, the lecture part and the closing of the lesson.  I thought about what I could do better and what I had done before that worked well.  I also took into consideration some of the stuff  we talked about in class about English learners.  So on the worksheet I made sure to explain big words like “paralyze” and “diagnose”.  I also made sure to explain what “automatic” was in the powerpoint.  I tried to make the information relevant to the students by comparing things like “relay station” to an electricity pole.  The lesson went well!  I did this sensitivity lab with the students.  They had to find out what part of their body was the most sensitive: forearm, finger tips, back of neck or lips.  I had them use two toothpicks.  The toothpicks start at 1 point then the person moves the second toothpick away until the person can tell there is 2 points.  It was pretty fun.  Then we moved on to the powerpoint.  I made sure to give students enough time to write down the information.  I also talked out some points and asked questions to engage the students.  I also tried to use Bloom’s taxonomy (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation) to ask questions across each level of thought.  I tried to give examples that related to the worksheet.  The 20 slide presentation went by quicker than I thought.  The students did really well copying down notes.  Apparently it was the first time they did that.  Afterward we moved on to the worksheet.  They worked on it individually, then I had them get together in partners to check their work.  I went over each problem with them and asked questions like how they got their answers.  What were the clues?  etc.

What worked this time was that I put in more time to think about how I wanted to do each section of the lesson.  I also made sure to remember what kind of questions to ask the students at specific slides.  Some others that I thought worked well was that I talked about how we are going to do something they haven’t done before.  But this would be something they will do as sophomores, so they get to be like sophomores for a day.  I think they tried to be more mature after that.  I also went over the expected behaviors like it should be quiet while they copy down notes.  They should listen when I speak.  Raise their hands to answer, etc.  I also used key phrases they were familiar with like “all eyes on me”, “less talking more writing”.  I had some trouble at the beginning about students talking.  I started to try to raise my voice over them.  Then I realized I shouldn’t do that!  I just asked them to focus or to quiet down.  All eyes on me, listen up..etc.  I got that part down well as I moved through the slides.

Wow, long post! Sorry!  I know there were some things I needed to work on like perhaps give freshmen a bit less information then I did today.  Also, wait to let the students copy down everything before I moved on.  I think I hurried some people and some people got confused as to what to write down.  My cooperating teacher said she saw some students that just shut down when that happened.  So I think next time I need to be more clear about what to write down.  Ok! Just my thoughts!  I seem to be having more of them! =D


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