a love poem for my jason

8 May

your clothes have holes and your glasses are thick.
you like country music, you fobby chinese hick.
you like to read manga and play video games.
and you often ignore me when you’re “concentrating.”
but when i get upset, you immediately hug me,
and then i feel silly because of course you love me.

your grammar sucks and you’re often grumpy.
your pores are huge and your pancakes lumpy.
when you’re in the kitchen, things often turn black.
and you don’t even know how to use my mac.
but i think it’s cool that you’re unique,
and that you’re a nerd and definitely not a geek.

your face is stinky and your feet are dirty.
your hair is crazy and your legs are hairy.
you can sleep through anything- amazing!
like earthquakes and music and me being annoying.
but no one loves me like you do,
and for that reason i love you too!


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