soul mates.

12 May

do you believe in soul mates?

because i don’t. and i can tell you that even if i did believe in soul mates, i don’t think jason would be it.

don’t get me wrong. i love jason. love love love him. he’s my best friend. he’s my family (ohana). he’s the one i want supporting me through life and i can’t imagine my life without him. actually come to think of it, i’m not sure how i survived all those years without him. i love being with him and doing things with him because no matter how insane in the membrane my ideas are, he goes along with it.

i’ve always had this idea in my head that soul mates are people who are soooo compatible that they can finish each other’s sentences and are basically the same person living in two separate bodies.

however, jason and i are NOT (thankfully) the same at all. we have our arguments, we each have our own opinions on stuff, favorite types of music, different hobbies, etc etc. he’s a nerd, i’m a geek. he’s a math/science guy, i’m an everything else girl. i’m white-washed, he’s fobby. he loves boba, i love coffee. he’s a carnivore and i’m basically a closet vegetarian. he’s dark, i’m light. he makes decisions based on emotions and i make them based on logic. he’s a cat-lover, and i love dogs. i’m creative and he’s… well, not.

we’re different, but we love each other and that’s what’s important!!


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