13 May

so i’ve posted about how jason and i are very different. now i will post about how we are similar!

we both live in san diego, california. we are both married, conveniently, to each other. we both have a dog named lando. we are both chinese and wear glasses. and we both went to ucsd! 🙂

ok i’ll be serious.

we both love to read. we both love to eat fruit and veggies. we both love to eat japanese food. we both enjoy learning about new things. we’re both introverts with wacky senses of humor. the perfect room temperature for us is 72 degrees (yes i know this is a weird connection) and we both love to clean.

on a full plate of food, we both always want to eat the same piece. this makes sharing extremely difficult as we have to call dibs on which piece we want to eat. so if you ever watch us eating and i say “i was going to eat that” as jason quickly spears the piece into his mouth, this is normal.

we both like to play games. he likes to play wow and axis & allies and kingdom hearts. i like to play zelda, scrabble, settlers of catan, and solve puzzles. also i like to play the “annoy jason” game. i’m good at it. 😉

jason loves country music and i lived in the country. same same!

jason loves to eat chinese food and my parents once owned a chinese restaurant! same same?


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