Running Around

14 May

This is Jason posting.

On May 12th the freshmen at Crawford CHAMPS had a free day due to CHAMPS doing CST testing.  We went out to the field with the rest of the freshmen so they could get some exercise and expend lots of energy.  The freshmen class is around 80ish.  They were out on the field playing football, soccer and throwing a frisbee around.  Some got into groups to chat under the sun.  I looked out at the kids running around and thought, “Man, I really need to get into shape before I start teaching.”  I feel totally out of shape.  There was a jumping pit so I took some triple jumps.  Wow, my legs and body felt those landings more than I remembered.  Haha, I’m getting old!  Yeah, definitely need to get that elliptical machine for the both of us!


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