Costco in Poway!

16 May

This is Jason posting though he is dictating what the wifey is saying.

Today we visited the world’s biggest Costco!  My co-worker mentioned to me a few days ago that there was a costco in poway which we didn’t know about because we have a costco right next to us! (carmel mountain location) Course, we have to rent a truck to bring back all the stuff we buy but we can walk there if we wanted to.  Since we needed to go to costco today and we have some spare time, we decided to go to the one in poway.  Holy moley! It was the biggest costco ever! There was a car wash! A CAR WASH! (and gas) So much better than our costco.  They had so much stuff that our costco didn’t carry. We were jealous.  It was sunday and it wasn’t even crowded.  That’s how big it was!  (and it was stocked very well)  We will definitely be returning.

(this is jason’s thoughts in (). The wifey is making a ribbon lei for my brother)


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