doggie dentures.

17 May

when lando was a puppy we tried to brush his teeth and he didn’t like it. so i stopped. 😦 bad mama.

and i never thought much about it… but lately pedigree has some awesomely funny commercials about preventing doggie dentures by giving dogs dentasticks which makes me worry about lando’s teeth. we haven’t given him any dentasticks but we do give him lots of things to chew and he has these oral care treats by science diet that are supposed to help… but i’m not sure if they are.

the other day i looked at lando’s teeth and boy does he have yucky plaque build up on his upper canines. gross! he totally needs a doggie dentist to clean his teeth. and i don’t want lando to have bad teeth when he gets older so jason and i held him down and we scratched away most of it. i think we’re gonna need to start brushing his teeth again and figure out a way to make him like it.

peanut butter toothpaste??? lots of treats?? mama and me time??


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