18 May

This is Jason posting.

Tonight my wifey’s glasses broke!  Here’s how it happened.  She took off her glasses and reached for her cleaning cloth.  She started to wipe down one of the lens.  All of a sudden, the bridge of the frame broke!  The glasses are now in two pieces!  There is a pretty clean break in the bridge.  How sad!  She is so traumatized right now.  This is not good timing because we are going on a family vacation soon.  Great!  Now we are looking at getting the same frames online for cheaper and hoping that the lens can just be popped in.  I’m going to take it into the store where we got the frames and lens and discuss this.  We definitely want to re-use the lens because they cost a pretty penny.  Many pretty pennies. Ugh. Stupid plastic frame thingie!


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