looking pretty!

19 May

so apparently wearing makeup really makes a difference!! since my glasses broke (i’m still in shock!), i had to wear my contacts to work today, which i hate because my astigmatism makes staring at the computer all day somewhat of a pain. (and i don’t have astigmatism contact lenses because my astigmatism isn’t horrible enough.)

anyways. after i got dressed this morning and put on my contacts i was like omg i need to put on some makeup!! usually my big glasses hide my bags and tired looking eyes and etc and without the camouflage my face looked… well, bare and unhappy. so i did my makeup and put on earrings and combed my hair all nicely. as i was leaving for work, jason was like “wow! you’re pretty today!”

i also got several comments at work about how i looked glowing/nice (“what is different about you today??”). i can’t believe people didn’t realize i was just NOT wearing my glasses! but anyways. go makeup. 😉


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