learn to cook!

20 May

when jason and i got married he didn’t know how to cook (except for like packaged ramen and random meat stuff). my mom kept telling me that i had to teach him how, because he would never learn if i was the only one cooking. my mom also told me that she had to teach my dad how to cook. and when she told me that, i was like, um, i think you’re remembering wrong. cause in my family, my dad’s the cook. my mom can make like… five dishes: 3 cup/sesame oil chicken, tofu meatballs, steamed flour pork, sticky rice, pork & corn. ok i’m sure she can make more than that but that’s what stands out to me.

so when my parents first started dating my dad was the mechanical engineer at a factory and my mom would bring my dad food and hang out with him during his break. my mom made a pork and bean dish with rice (and i remember eating this when we were growing up too) and my dad, of course, said that it was really good and that he really liked it. my mom ended up bringing that dish to him EVERYDAY because he liked it so much until he finally confessed to her that he didn’t like pork and beans AT ALL. true story.

anyways. jason’s slowing learning how to cook!! i’m so proud of him. yesterday he made braised short ribs (i typed rubs like twice here) all by himself (following a recipe) and it was yummy! except it was too salty because he forgot that the sauce reduces, but that’s not a big deal. 🙂


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