21 May

This is Jason posting.

Today I received a call from walters home management.  That is the company that handles the property for the landlord.  They called to let me know that the bank of the owner will revoke the owner’s loan unless the owner goes and lives at the apartment.  That means the landlord has to live where we are living.  If he doesn’t then the bank will foreclose on the apartment.  Double lose for us!  So basically walters wants us to move out so the owner can come and live in the apartment.  Legally we don’t have to because we have a lease until the end of next March.  We can stay here if we wanted to and move out next March.  But then, the owner will lose out on his apartment.  That kind of sucks.  So we have entered into negotiation with the owner about what is going to happen.  I’m hoping they will give us some incentives.  We’ve asked for compensation for the moving cost.  I’d also like our deposit back in full so we don’t have to worry about cleaning up this place.  I mean, we are doing a favor for the landlord.  Who knows.  Currently we are looking around at 2 bedroom condos in the Rancho Bernardo area.  We are familiar with the area and we like how all the shops and markets that we love are so close by.  There’s the Trader Joe’s, Costco, Henry’s, Sprouts, Vons, Albertsons, Blockbuster, our banks and Ralphs.  There’s also Borders and Barnes and Nobles, Marshalls, Jamba Juice and a whole bunch more.  Our dentist and doctor are nearby.  Yeah… we’d love to continue to live in the area.  So we’ll see.  Perhaps by the time July rolls around we’ll be at a new place.  Ugh, the packing!


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