23 May

This is Jason posting.

So I recented got a credit card from my wifey.  I have been using it this weekend.  We have spent money around the area: Rancho Bernardo, La Jolla, Genesee Area, Ikea, Target in Mission Valley… then I tried to get gas in Poway.  And what happened?  The gas pump told me that the credit card was NG and to see the cashier.  Huh, weird.  I went to the cashier and used the same credit card.  DENIED!  Ugh, I hate it when that happens! So weird! So I used another card.  We went home and I checked on the website.  My card was suspended due to high-risk purchases?  Huh?  So I gave the credit card company a call.  Apparently purchases in Poway is considered a different area enough that they would put a hold on my credit card. Poway. Wow! Crazy!

So we’ve been looking for DS games for the wifey to play.  We’ve looked at Tetris for the DS.  It is so EXPENSIVE!  What the heck?!  It’s still popular after all this time.  Wow.  That is totally insane.  A new game of it can cost as much as $75.  One of the reasons why it is so expensive is because they don’t make the game anymore.  It’s just that popular. Crazy!!!


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