27 May

This is Jason posting.

I have completed and sent off my field service guide. The guide is something that I had to fill out while I did my field service hours. There were many questions concerning the school, school policy, diversity and bunch of other stuff like lesson observation. Mostly it was writing out my reflections about all these different things. It took a bit of time to fill out because I have been distracted by several things. Number 1 distraction has been dealing with finding a new place to rent since our landlord has to move back into the condo because his bank is making him do it. Second was this hole in our storage closet on our balcony. Apparently the company who was replacing the stairway platform on the second level punched a hole into the closet when they put in a support beam. This was not the first time! I saw that the hole was fixed before. It’s a repeat hole! Third distraction was WoW. Fourth distraction was this game I found from someone who played it on facebook. It’s something called Battle for Wesnoth. It’s a pretty addicting old school strategy game. Pretty neat but not good when I use to escape my responsibilities. Ah well, the guide is finished! Now just to secure a new living space…


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