28 May

This is Jason posting.

Today the wifey bit my lower lip. It was an accident but she still bit me. Ouch! So there is a food fair going on at Marukai in Torrance. We stopped there to eat lunch. Shirley got the usual from Santouka. I went for the special ramen that was present at the fair! It was made by some guy in Japan. Who knows! I think it the name of the store was called Chibuka Ya or something. Anyway. There was a long line but I was not deterred! I waited about 20 minutes to place the order. Well, Shirley placed the order because I had to go to the bathroom. Then we waited another 25 minutes for the ramen to come out since so many people ordered it! There is only 1 type of ramen to get but it still took that long. It was not worth the wait. It was a good ramen. I think the broth was chicken based. I felt that there was a bit too much fat in the broth. I enjoyed the diced onions with the broth and ramen. It worked very nicely. The meat was not the usual chashu. Instead I had 3 slices of beef tongue! Yes, beef tongue. It was tender and tasted good. You can tell that the ramen ingredients worked harmoniously with each other. It was yummy. It just wasn’t worth the 45 minute wait. Oh well! It was certainly an adventure!


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