2 Jun

every once in a while i’ll CRAVE boba and milk tea, or thai tea.  weird huh?  unfortunately boba is far from me.  sure, i can make my own milk tea, but good boba is beyond me.  somehow i can never get those tapioca balls to come out to the right consistency and sweetness and so, alas, we must make the trek.  we could go to tea station in mira mesa, but sometimes jason and i will find an excuse to go down to clairemont mesa in the middle of the week.

the conversation goes something like this.

“jason, i want boba.”


“i want it now!!!”


“you bunghole!!!”

so then we’ll do some grocery shopping or get some sam woo’s or something.  it’s pretty fun.  i’m glad that jason still humors me.  ah, young love.  🙂


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