Bath Time!

4 Jun

This is Jason posting.

Our dog Orlando does not like bath time.  For some reason, even though we wash him regularly and feed him treats afterward, he just does not like baths!  He doesn’t like to be wet.  If it is raining outside he has to be pushed in order to go potty.  Over time it has become easier to wash him.  The first couple of times he would resist and run around the bathtub.  Now he knows to just be still and let me do whatever to him.  Still, he faces away from the water whenever he can.  Plus he gets so happy to run out of the bathroom.  Haha.  Lando is also very tired on the days that he had a bath.  It is like he had a traumatic experience and he needs recovery time.  Oh yes!  When I remove his collar, he knows it is bath time.  He will sneak off and hide away from me.  The last several times I have had to pull him out from under the couch.  He would growl at me and complain as I pull his leg.  Oh Lando, if you didn’t stink then we wouldn’t bath you!


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