BlizzCon 2010

5 Jun

This is Jason posting:

Today I decided to buy some BlizzCon tickets.  I woke up 30 minutes before in order to get my computer up and running.  I got myself to the website and waited.  Actually, I heated up a pan and started to cook bacon for breakfast.  Bacon, bagels and cream cheese is quite yummy in the morning.  The time ticked away closer to 10am as I cooked the bacon.  Will I finish cooking the bacon in time or leave them to burn while I grab some BlizzCon tickets?! … Thankfully the bacon crisped up and cooked 1 minute before 10am.  I got myself to the computer and started to hit the refresh button for the website.  The seconds went by.  I kept refreshing the page until I could see some purchasing buttons.  Oh wait!  There it is!  Got it! Click!  You are number 4166 in the queue.  Wow, seriously?! I must have gotten in a few seconds after 10am and the queue was above 4000?  Dang!  Luckily I was in early enough that I got some tickets.  It was some what of an adventure this morning?


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