anyone lived in a pretty how town.

8 Jun

with up so floating many bells down! 🙂

my favorite poet is, without a doubt, ee cummings.  something about the fractured construction of his poetry just makes my heart leap with joy!  his words seem random but are so carefully chosen.  anyways, in honor of my favorite poet, i have written a poem.

it is entitled “anyday now.”

say it isn’t so (but stay far away)
the swans are swimming
the pretty clouds sway

the light up so
the miles they fly
your life in hand (did you dream of why?)

i had planned to go (but the sun got dry)
the flowers they danced
how they laugh and sigh!

dear one be slow (drink sweet of day)
the bells are singing
so lonely they pray

the colors we grow
they wither and die
the heart goes on (should you smile or cry?)


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