9 Jun

This is Jason posting.

Today I cleaned the furniture out on our patio.  I moved the plants so they wouldn’t get damaged.  I used a broom first to do some sweeping.  I figure I’d get a layer off or two.  Wow!  So much dust!  I swept our table and our bbq.  I also swept this  gray container we have out there.  So much dust!  Yuck!  One of the things I have noticed in San Diego is that it is dustier compared to Cupertino.  So much dust.  It covers the car in like a week.  No wonder people wash their cars so often down here.  I wonder where all that dust comes from.  Maybe it comes from all the dry desert to the east of San Diego.  Who knows.  It was pretty disgusting.  Anyway!  I cleaned out the table and gray container.  I just have the bbq left to tackle.  That will be nasty to clean. Ugh.  Oh well!  Gotta do what a man gotta do.  Clean!


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