Cold Sore

14 Jun

This is Jason posting.

One of the things I have always hated is my cold sore!  I HATE IT!  It always comes about at the worst time.  It also comes when I get super tired and my immune system is lowered.  <sigh>  Yes, you guessed it.  My cold sores came out after the move.  And boy did it come out this time.  It’s appeared in 3 places.  Usually it just bursts out in one spot.  Sometimes when it is bad it’ll appear in 2.  I think this time is a record.  Good thing the Abreva was easy to find.  I had to get a prescription medicine before Abreva came out.  Even though it is so expensive, I really can’t live without it.  At least until someone discovers the cure for cold sores aka herpes simplex virus I.  It’s so inconvenient to have because when the cold sore is active, it is HIGHLY contagious.  Which means I can’t share food with the wifey.  It also means I can’t kiss her.  <sigh> Nothing!  Doh!  Ugh!  At least Abreva makes the cold sore run its course much much faster.  Oh well, time to wait a week.  GR!


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