Garlic Stems

16 Jun

This is Jason posting.

Have you ever eaten garlic stems?  I didn’t until I met my wife.  She cooked them and fed them to me.  Wow!  Are they delicious!!!  Too bad it is only available for such a short time in the summer.  So what are they?  It’s the stem of the garlic plant.  This is the shoot part of the garlic.  It is harvested while immature so the stem is nice and tender.  It has a good crunch to it and the garlic flavor is mild.  Plus it’s all nice and green!  You just need to cut the hard ends.  Some people cut the bulb off but the wife leaves them on because she likes to eat them.  I like to eat them too, it is quite yummy.  Fans of garlic will definitely like these garlic stems.  It’s super delicious!  You have to try some!  We bought two bunches at Zion the past weekend because they were super cheap.  They last for a bit of time in the frig.  Still good.  Yum!  The wife stir-fries the stems with satay sauce.  Try it out today!


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