BlizzCon Part 2

20 Jun

This is Jason posting.

I bought BlizzCon 2010 tickets a few weeks ago.  I was lucky enough to get in at the 2nd patch of tickets.  It was only a few seconds but I was already 4000ish in line.  Luckily I got some tickets!  I wanted to resell them thinking I could make some money in order to buy some things the wifey and I wanted like a clairsonic, new tivo box or even an elliptical.  I had lots of problems trying to sell the tickets on Ebay due to their presale ticket policy.  Ugh, it was horrible.  Definitely was not as easy as I thought it would be.  Finally I sold personal autographs that came with a free ticket.  That worked… but I was only able to list the last few days before Blizzard locked the ticket information!  This is mostly due to the fact that I wasn’t on the ball.  I had classes, packing and moving to do.  But I should have made some time to post these early.  Blah.  I’m just glad I was able to sell them all and make some money from it.  Now several people can go enjoy BlizzCon!  It always turns out great for the people who go there. =D  Perhaps I’ll try this again next year.  Who knows! I am definitely not a natural business person.  That’ll be the wifey. I love her!


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