i do, i do.

20 Jun

when jason and i got engaged, i pleaded with him for us to just elope, or get married at the courthouse.  i already knew that we wouldn’t be able to afford the wedding of our dreams, and shelling out 15k for just a blah wedding when we were headed into a recession seemed to me like the worst waste of money ever.

but jason insisted on a “real” wedding.  my mom did as well.  i grumbled and planned.  the best bang for the least buck.  on our wedding day, stuff went wrong, weird things happened, but we got married and our venues (for the most part) were exceedingly wonderful.

looking back though, it was a pretty nice wedding.  i had to make concessions due to our limited budget (we spent about 12k) and parental expectations.  i didn’t get my outdoor beach wedding under a chuppah, but we did get married in a beautiful church by the sea.  i didn’t have the passed appetizers and cherry blossom/fondant covered cake, but the chinese restaurant banquet was delicious  (peking duck!!) and so was the chinese bakery cake.  i didn’t have custom letterpress invitations or even get to gocco them, but i got to design them myself.  i didn’t get to walk down the aisle to the song that i dreamed about (collide, by howie day), but the organist provided by the church was the sweetest woman ever and even sent us tapes of her playing several different songs since we weren’t technically local.  i didn’t LOVE my dress, but it was pretty and i got it cheap off ebay.  i didn’t have time (and also couldn’t find the russian netting) to make my own birdcage veil, but got a cheap tulle one again, off ebay.  neither gene higa (too expensive) nor serena grace (got married a couple weeks after me!) photographed our wedding, but john yao still got some nice shots.  i DID get my hydrangeas (although they were white, not pink)!

but you know what?

the best part was that i got to marry my best friend and i love him.  who cares about the wedding??  🙂


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