fire burning!

22 Jun

hello, my name is shirley.  i am (mostly) chinese.  i don’t like spicy foods.

actually, scratch that.  i like (certain) spicy foods but can’t really eat spicy foods… my tongue catches on fire and it’s pretty painful.

but sometimes i’m a masochist and i eat spicy foods anyways.  currently i’m addicted to this creamy avocado cilantro salsa verde that has serrano peppers in it.  it’s not SUPER spicy by any means, but when you eat buckets of it like i do, it can burn.  i like spicy poke and spicy korean cucumbers and soondubu.  i also eat foods with jalapenos in them, because sometimes they are yummy.  and then my mouth burns.  and then i sit here wondering why i did that.  oh right.  cause it was yummy.

i’m drinking my 3rd cup of coffee this morning.

because the first couple were downed with the jalapeno ham and cheese bread that i had for breakfast. 🙂

what a great way to start the day!


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