Frozen cheeseburger

26 Jun

This is Jason posting.

So tonight we snacked on a frozen cheeseburger that has been in our freezer for awhile.  The wifey forgot the burger needed to be thawed before being microwaved.  I just microwaved it longer and it turned out alright.  The cheese was all melty.  The bread was eh but overall it made for a nice snack near midnight. =D  I asked the wifey when the last time we ate these cheeseburgers.  We had bought these cheeseburgers from Costco from awhile back.  Apparently, it has been a minimum of one year since we’ve touched these burgers.  WOW!  It tasted pretty good for being a year and something old.  O_o.  Hopefully I’ll feel that way in the morning!


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