26 Jun

This is Jason posting.

We made some chicken kabobs for a beach bonfire a couple of weeks ago.  We bought some red and green bell peppers.  I mentioned to the wifey that the seeds from the bell peppers could be planted to grow a bell pepper plant!  She was skeptical and did not believe me.  So I took some of the red bell pepper seeds and tried to get them to sprout roots!  I wet a napkin and put it into a sandwich zip lock bag.  I spread the seeds on the napkin and sealed the bag.  I left the bag on the kitchen window sill since that place gets some nice sunlight before noon.  I’ve reopened the bag in order to get some fresh air for the seeds.  Yesterday the wifey said that they weren’t sprouting!  But today when I opened the bag in the morning, I saw roots from some of the seeds!  It was so exciting!  Roots!  I can’t believe it really worked!  I guess the next step will be to let the roots grow a bit then figure out a place to plant the seedlings.  I am not sure if we can get the seedlings to maturity since the sun only shines in two places.  There is direct sunlight via the kitchen window before noon.  There is some direct sunlight via the living room window.  So…maybe I need to rotate the bell pepper plant everyday?


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