1 Jul

This is Jason posting.

Last week my left arm started to hurt around my arm pit area.  It was kind of a stinging burning sensation that came in waves.  It was really strange.  I thought I strained some muscle there.  I tried to not use my left arm.  I kept it close to my body since that seemed to help it.  I took some advil here and there when the pain got too much.  Then last night I noticed there was some type of rash near my left arm pit!  It strangely looked like my cold sores.  The next morning I checked the symptoms online and the online website suggested shingles.  I was like, “What? Shingles? No way!”  I made an appointment to see the doctor.  I went to the doctor’s over at Scripps and they diagnosed me with shingles.  SHINGLES!  Shingles is the adult version of chickpox.  Well, not really the adult version.  See, after people have chickpox, the virus that caused it goes and hides in your nerve cells.  For some reason when your immune system is really weak, that virus will come back and cause shingles.  Shingles causes blisters to appear on one side of the body.  It also attacks the nerves and cause nerve pain.  It is not a pleasant sensation.  The pain comes in waves and it stings and burns.  It’s like being stabbed with lots of burning needles.  Yuck.  I got some antiviral medication.  It should heal up the rash within 7 days.  It’ll prevent the blisters from spreading.  So until then I will have to bear the pain with some painkiller help.  Thankfully shingles can’t be spread to other people.  I can’t cause other people to have shingles.  But I can cause those who never had chickpox or the vaccine for chickpox to develope chickpox.  I will be a chickpox spreading machine… only to those who touch my rash. =D  I’m 28.  I can’t believe I am having shingles.  ARGHS!


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