i want…

6 Jul

jason caved in and bought me those peacock feather earrings that i’ve been eyeing (ie OBSESSING OVER)!  yay~!!

so!  the moral of the story is…  if i want something really badly i should post about it on our journal with pictures and a linky link because then jason will get the hint and buy it for me.  it also helps to tell jason that i want it every chance i get.  and cry when i think i can’t have it because it’s too expensive.  and look at it longingly every day while jason is watching, as well as pout and basically be a big baby about it.

i’m such a brat. 🙂

next up, i want a clarisonic.  a yellow one.  i need not mention that it’s my birthday soon….

just kidding. 🙂

thank you dear!  i love you!!


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