Gated Community

7 Jul

This is Jason posting.

We received a remote when we rented our new place.  They told us that the community will start using their gates starting in July.  There’s two gates to the north and south of the entrance to Waterbridge that leads to the majority of the residential parking.  Today the gates became operational!  It was up and running after lunch.  I immediately started to see people drive right up to the gate and stop.  They’ll stop for awhile before the gate opens because they are busy searching for that remote they’ve never used.  Other people drive up and just stop.  They wait and wait.  Why?  I think they forgot their remotes!  These people have to wait until someone else arrives with a remote before entering.  I actually used my remote to open the gate for someone who was doing this exact thing.  It’s a change for all those who have lived here for awhile.  Just now I saw a woman walking a dog trying to get the gate to open.  Apparently she didn’t want to walk all the way to the end of the gate to pass through the side gate.  Yeah.  This is a great opportunity for us.  We get to test out one of the functions in the wifey’s car!  We’ll sync the remote to a button so whenever we approach the gate, we’ll hit the button instead of the remote!  It’ll be awesome! =D


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