9 Jul

This is Jason posting.

Tomorrow will be the chemistry CSET test.  I’ve been studying on and off for two weeks for it.  I remember most of my chemistry since I had to take general chem and organic chem in college.  It’s really the same principles but different compound names.  Plus there is a lot of chemistry involved with biological processes.  The wifey on the other hand remember very little of chemistry.  She is not a science type person.  We had a funny conversation about the periodic table of elements.  She had to think in order to name more than 5 elements off the bat.  I guess most people have to think in order to name more than 5 elements.  It comes more naturally to me than to her.  Together we’ll be able to help our kids with all the subjects at school!  She’ll do the English and some math.  I’ll do the science and geometry.  We can both help with history.  Arts will be more the wifey.  I don’t know, what other subjects?  Econ?  That’ll be the wife.  Eh, either way we’ll definitely be involved with our kids’ learning.  I can’t wait!


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