10 Jul

jason and i bought an aerobed for our spare bedroom a few weeks ago.  there was a costco coupon so we got a really good deal!  now people can come and visit us and there will be a place for them to sleep!  also if i get mad at jason he doesn’t have to sleep on the couch.  just kidding.  🙂  i only make him sleep on the couch when i’m sick.  haha!

anyways, jason’s cousin olivia is staying with us tomorrow night and so we pumped up the aerobed to make sure it works.  the pump is sooooo ridiculously loud!  then after it was all pumped up we laid down on it for a while.  it’s amazingly comfortable.  i’m actually kind of excited to try sleeping on it!

my arms are kind of sore from holding baby enoch yesterday and i think also from moving a few boxes of stella’s books.  i’m not buff enough for this!!  i am definitely going to need to do some weight training before jason and i have kids!!!  but baby enoch has theeee most adorable eyelashes!  i want to steal them.  🙂


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