Road Trip

12 Jul

This is Jason posting.

Today I went with my brother on a little road trip.  We drove my cousin Olivia to attend her college orientation at UCR.  She slept on our new aerobed!  We got up early and headed off to UCR.  UCR is so green looking compared to the rest of Riverside.  Seriously, it’s all flat and dusty looking.  Then look!  There’s trees!  It must be UCR!  We dropped her off and told her to have fun and meet people.  Ah, college orientation.  Wow, it’s been 10 years for me. O_o.  After that my brother headed out to 60 West to go eat dim sum!  We ended up at some place called the Diamond Plaza or Life Plaza as my brother called it.  I think we were in Rowland Heights.  We ate at this restaurant called Capital Seafood Restaurant.  It was alright dim sum.  It probably would have been good dim sum if I had forgotten the taste of SF dim sum.  <sigh>  But it was pretty cheapish.  Better than San Diego dim sum for sure!  We sat for awhile and chatted.  Then we headed off to 85 degree bakery in Irvine.  We both got breads to take home.  I also ordered the almond milk tea and green milk tea.  The green milk tea was so-so.  The almond milk tea was good.  It had lots of almondie taste.  Delicious!  We’ll be sharing some baked goods for breakfast for the next several days.  I hope it’s good!  It was a nice little road trip with my brother.  We talked a lot and had a good time.  It’s great hanging out with him.  I love that guy. =D


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