14 Jul

This is Jason posting.

It has been hot in San Diego!!! It hit over 90 degrees for a brief time today.  The dogs and I have been non-active and lying around.  Well, in my case just sitting in my chair.  Still, we don’t want to move because it would just generate more heat.  I’ve opened all the windows in our new place.  Ugh, it’s still hot.  I even stayed an extra hour with the wifey at her work so I could enjoy the a/c and read.  I read “Fablehaven” and finished it in one day!  Fast read and it is kinda exciting.  These young adult books are so different.  Anyway!  I had set up the tower fan in the living room.  The wifey and I couldn’t even feel the air moving from the fan when we sat in the couch. O_o.  At least the air conditioning at our place works well!  We used it last night so we could sleep without drying out.  I think it’ll be another a/c night.  Possibly a/c this heat season.  There goes the electricity bill…


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