16 Jul

i used to think i was really patient.

but i am not and i have no idea why i ever thought that.

i’m totally a “i told you so” type of person.  AND i can’t stand it when i have to wait for the internet to load a page (when i’m really irritated i have to talk myself out of throwing my computer).  and i constantly want to just bang my head against the table when i’m talking to/explaining stuff to people i consider stupid.  and most impatient of all is that i think people are stupid, usually within like 10 minutes of meeting a person.

if i have to repeat myself over and over again, then you are stupid in my book.  if you can’t draw your own conclusions, stupid.  if i explain something to you and you still do it wrong, stupid.  if i’m standing next to you and pointing at something because you asked me a question and you aren’t even paying attention, stupid.

and i know they say that there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but OMG there is.  STUPID!!!  stop asking me stupid questions!!




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