Mottainai Ramen

18 Jul

This is Jason posting.

So the wifey discovered from her blogs that she reads that a new ramen shop opened in Gardena next to Sea Empress and Marukai!  We read the post about it from Rameniac  and it seemed like a really good ramen place.  We had to check it out!  We went with the family (Philip, Jessica and mommy in law!) and settled down to eat!  It was great to have Jessica with us because she spoke Japanese!  We got seated and went looking at the menu.  There weren’t many choices but they don’t need a vast selections.  I had the miso ramen, the wifey had the tonkotsu ramen, shoyu for the rest of the ladies and a large shoyu with extra chasu for big Philip.  The wifey ordered an extra egg while I opted for the pork fatback and garlic bomb.  Boy was this all delicious!  Way better than Santouka!  The chasu was super delicious.  It was tender and flavorful.  The menma was wow!  Super tender but still had a crunch.  It was sweet and yummy though almost a little too sweet for the wifey.  The noodles even got a thumbs up from Philip!  Actually, the whole bowl got a two thumbs up from Philip.  My miso ramen was super tasty.  Great miso flavor and had lots of layers.  I tried some soup before I added the bomb.  The bomb gave it depth via the fatback and the garlic taste was just right.  It certainly changed the taste of the broth like it said on the menu.  Everything was great!  I loved the bean sprouts and ground pork in the miso ramen.  I would have preferred my chasu to be whole instead of chopped but I didn’t mind.  I’ll just ask that next time.  Wow, my mouth started to water as I write this.  Yeah, we’ll be back.  Apparently there were coupons for a free pair of chopsticks.  If you bring the chopsticks with you to eat ramen, you’ll receive a free topping!  You know I’ll be back with the wifey!  I hear they are working on a permit to make their own noodles.  I can’t wait!  YUM!


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