Brandman University

22 Jul

This is Jason posting.

The search for a teacher credential continues!  This time I checked out Brandman University.  They used to be called Chapman University.  You might be more familiar with that.  They have a campus located near Fashion Valley.  Not exactly up the street but it isn’t that far off.  It would be a straight shot down the 15 to the 163 and exit off at Friar’s!  The academic advisor I met was a really nice lady!  I got a better feeling from them compared to National Univ.  Plus Brandman was mentioned to us by our internship program director.  The director was trying to set up something with Brandman for those of us interns who are lucky enough to get a job at SDUSD in the fall.  Brandman cost is expensive but cheaper than National.  For the credential it would be $17000 total for the classes.  Each course runs 8 weeks.  It would take about 1 year to complete.  Maybe 1 1/2 years if the student teaching part has to wait until the next fall session.  They also offer a masters program so you can get a credential and a masters of teaching.  They don’t recommend the masters of teaching because that’s a dead end degree.  The MAT would work to get a better salary in California but outside of the state, it wouldn’t be a real master degree.  The masters of education is much much better.  It’s an actual degree! =D  Apparently there is more financial aid for those who pursue a master degree compared to just the teaching credential.  Seems like Brandman Univ. is the path for me to take.  I could earn my teaching credential and get a masters?  Hm, intriguing.  Lots of food for thought…


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