23 Jul

This is Jason posting.

When we moved into the new apartment, we noticed something disturbing about our toilet.  There were brown-black gunk under the lip of the toilet seat.  Someone did not clean the hard water stains over the years.  GROSS!  So it was handed down to me to remove the gunk and make the toilet clean!  I used the toilet cleaners that we had on hand.  Method stuff.  It did not work.  Scrubbing bubbles did not do anything.  ARGHS!  Time to go shopping!  We had a coupon for lime-away and went to target.  I read the back of the bottle and the description made the product seem like really potent stuff.  It could even eat away at porcelain!  So we decided to try out a Clorox brand hard water stain remover.  It did something?  Maybe? Just a little?  Ok, time to try the nuke, ie Lime-Away.  We got the bottle.  I busted out the rubber gloves from under the sink since I didn’t want to melt my hand.  I carefully pried the top nub open.  I used as directed.  It worked!  Well, it didn’t get rid of all the hard water build-up but it got rid of some of it!  Later that day I noticed even more of the build-up had disappeared.  Wow, Lime-away totally works!  I scrubbed that stain two days in a row with Lime-Away.  Still the stain was hard to get rid of.  So I thought, ok… since the Lime-Away didn’t make any holes in the toilet I should be able to let it sit for awhile.  So I used Lime-Away and scrubbed and waited before I rinsed.  Hopefully the toilet is still there!  And it was!  Waiting to rinse it helped erode more of the stain away.  Finally after a week of cleaning it the hard-water stains have completely disappeared.  Lime-Away and elbow grease FTW!


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