Bath Mat

26 Jul

This is Jason posting.

We bought a mat for the bathtub over the weekend at Home Goods store.  It has lots and lots of suckers to keep the mat flat against the bath tub.  Why a mat you ask?  The mat will prevent us from slipping!  Have you ever slipped in the bath tub?  It’s dangerous!  The wifey and I have both slipped in the bath tub.  The biggest danger is slipping and knocking your head on the water sprout.  That’s a no no.  I remember when I was younger I totally slipped and landed on my back in the tub.  I was showering.  So beware when you are in the bath tub and have no mat!  Maintain your foot grip!  Better yet, buy a mat for the tub!  Actually, we went looking around for some rubber duckie decals that we could put in the bath tub to act as a mat.  We saw them several years ago at Target.  It is no longer at Target, Marshalls or anywhere else.  Too bad, those rubber duckies would have been much cuter than our many sucker mat.


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